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Our Service Export

When the customer proposes its initial investment conception, LBY Holdings will provide business consultation and planning advisory services throughout the project, and assist the customer to advance the planning, design, construction, financing and operation management of the project in an all-round way. Specifically, these services consist of four core contents:

I. Planning of Commercial Mode and Project Consultation.

Provide customers with theme product planning and consultation services, which are driven by value creation. These services include but are not limited to planning and design of value modes of such related industries as children education, new seniors’ community, theme malls, automotive aftermarket, boutique hotels, etc.

II. Complete Design

Relying on a professional design team consisting of over 600 designers, we provide our customers with complete designs in various sectors, such as construction design, landscape design, indoor space and environment design, furnishing and soft loading design, design of artwork, electronic and mechanical design, design of curtain wall, design of building intellectualization, etc.

III. All-round Engineering Services and Construction Project Management

LBY Holdings integrates superior resources and capabilities of its professional subsidiaries; provides customers with such services as overseas projects, PPP projects, municipal projects, property development, comprehensive pipe galleries of underground cities, civil engineering, soil solidification technologies and solidification projects, PC installation, internal and external refined decoration projects, building intellectualization projects, projects of electronic machinery and equipment installation, curtain wall projects, etc.; and realize the all-round services of complete solutions of project construction.

IV. Project Investment and Financing

Depending on the strong foundation and strength of companies under our control, we provide our customers with various financing services, including but not limited to investment+EPC, financing guarantee, commercial factoring, commercial acceptance, bill financing, supply chain finance, Internet finance, etc.

No matter that the whole project is commissioned to us, or that we just participate in part of the project, we can always provide professional solutions and services at every stage and in every link.


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