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LBY has formed a construction design business led by architectural design with interior spatial environment design as the main body and Design Industrial Park development as the expansion. We have formed a design industrial cluster including areas such as furnishings, mechanical and electrical equipment, intellectualization and laboratories. We own over 600 professional designers, more than 30 national senior architects and outstanding young and middle-aged architects and more than 10 contracted internationally-renowned masters. We have formed strategic partnerships with BIAD and IBI Group, a Canadian listed company. All these have indicated that LBY is an important domestic strength in architectural space environment design.

LBY owns qualifications of Class A for design of civil buildings, Class A for design of architecture decoration, Class B for planning of architecture decoration, Class B for water supply and drainage of landscape architecture and Municipal Engineering, etc. Companies under design business includes: LBY Design and Research Institute (LBY DESIGN), LBY Environment Art Designing Institute, Neuffer (Beijing) Architectural Design Consultant, Neuffer (Beijing) Furnishing Art Co., Ltd. and IBI Shanghai Branch Indoor Division, etc.

Representing works of LBY are as follows: Beijing Aman Summer Palace, Sheraton Guiyang Hotel, Xuzhou Xiao Nanhu GLORIA Hotel & Resort, Bohai International Conference Center, Beijing Kuangou Hotel under People's Government of Beijing Municipality, Tiens Hotspring Hotel, Beijing Communication Complex Building of China Unicom, office building of Beijing Capital Construction Commission, Xiamen International Convention Center, Bank of China Mansion in Harbin, China Unicom's “Wo” flagship store, Jinan Branch of Bank of Beijing, Mengyunnan Shenzhen Air International Hotel and Palais De Fortune, etc.

As for the design part, LBY dedicates to strengthen the double engines of brand construction and scale development. We have established Neuffer Design Consultancy in the US to promote the mutual intermediation and superiority mutual-supplementary of domestic and international high quality design resources and to build up high-end design brand with our brilliant works. On the other hand, we’re building design industrial parks all around our country, nurturing incubators for design originality, supporting the development of small-and-medium-sized design groups and workshops and providing platforms for potential designers. LBY DESIGN is not only a supplier of products and designing services, but also, with our unique designer resources domestically and abroad, a tridimensional, comprehensive and globalized platform for the fusion and collision of innovations and originalities.


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