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As a key new high-tech enterprise in China, LBY Holding boasts a perfect technical research and development system as well as a professional research and development team to increase the value of architectural industry chain. Attention of the corporation is actively paid to the research and development of products and services in areas such as green building consultation, soil solidification technology, laboratory technology, BIM technology, design of the Internet, and energy conservation and environmental protection. LBY has also set up several technology companies including Beijing Yunhaitun Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhongcheng Soil Solidification Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Zealto Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Yaneng Sunway Green Building Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Application of BIM Technology.

BIM is the data production and management process of a whole building project. It refers to a system using a digital information model to improve the quality and efficiency of each part of the engineering construction industry ranging from plan, design, and construction to operation maintenance.

LBY sets up a particular research and development institution of BIM technology, introduces an international mainstream BIM software application platform, and masters some BIM software including REVIT, Navisworks, Glodon BIM5D, Lumion, etc. Meanwhile, the Group is able to accomplish accurate modeling which is put into many BIM applications like construction progress simulation, pipeline comprehensive and collision check, drawing and archives management, family library establishment, and rendering animation.

The corporation’s BIM technology has managed to be applied in many projects such as the reconstruction and extension project of CSCEC’s central technology laboratory building, the decoration project of Qianyuan Hotel, and the PC project of Shenyang Nanke Wealth Building.

2. Green Building Consultation

The holding corporation makes full use of the joint efforts of member companies and creates a building industry development model of “providing comprehensive service for urban construction” under the national strategic orientation of “building Low-Carbon Eco-cities and achieving a green energy-saving development” so as to meet the requirements of national economic and social development as well as the needs of different city planning and management concepts. As a result, green building consultation is set up as an independent business area.

Green building consultation provides services for each phase of the whole project. These services go as the following: low-carbon ecological consulting, green energy operating, green building certification, green building technique export, guidance for green building management, etc.

3. Soil Stabilizer & Soil Stabilization Technology

Soil stabilization technology is one of the new materials developed in the supporting industry of municipal engineering by the Group. This technology, called one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century by American Engineering News-Record, is originally brought in from America. Overturning traditional craft, stabilized-soil technology replaces dinas with soil which can be found everywhere to support environmental management and seepage control of lake & ditch as well as to meet the requirements of our country to achieve a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society.

Products developed with the help of soil stabilizer technology can improve soil properties by increasing soil strength and the ability of water proofing and save the cost of construction projects as it can be widely applied to municipal construction of sub-grade, fill construction, dyke reinforcement engineering, road engineering, pavement engineering, desert control & management project, etc.

At the moment, the Group has participated in revising the industrial standard for soil stabilizer with the standard number as CJ/T486-2015. This standard will be officially implemented on April 1, 2016. The corporation has also registered a patented soil stabilizer named “Gujieling”, which gained satisfactory results in the construction projects of Sichuan Zigong Passenger Terminal and Weisi Road, of the second and third phases of the main road on Huaxia Road in the High-Tech Development Zone of Luoyang, Henan, of the roads in Sichuan University Jiang’an Campus in Shuangliu District of Chengdu, of Yingbin Road and Yingbin Plaza of Feicuicheng Real Estate of China Resources Holding Company, etc.

4. Green Heating Technology – “Accumulating Heat from Molten Salt”

Molten salt, also known as fused salt, is a high-temperature liquid substance to transfer and store heat with many advantages such as good performance of transferring heat, low pressure, and low cost. Through this green heating technology, molten salt can store energy until the energy is need releasing. This technological invention is a revolution in the energy structure that will overturn a traditional industry. This new technology can achieve zero emission of pollution to completely minimize the amount of pm 2.5 in the air, save energy for the State Grid Corporation of China, and accommodate grid-connected power generation by clean energy.

Thanks to the research on thermal storage and energy accumulation in the national key laboratory established by the Ministry of Education in Beijing University of Technology and 70-odd core patented technology, LBY Group cooperates with Beijing University of Technology to set up specialized agencies for the green heating technology ---- “accumulating heat from molten salt ”. The Group also takes responsibility for the conversion of boiler houses and manages to provide central heating for newly-established residence communities as well as individual heating for houses in rural areas so as to promote the process of EPC engineering integration.

5. Three Dimensional Graphics in Internet Rendering Technology

As the research & development and application of 3D products are popular in technology industry these years, the Group invests enormously in Beijing Sanpolo Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. to participate in the development of the 3D system design platform. Owing to 3D technology, the Group achieves a whole management process from real-time 3D rendering to layout plans, 3D perspective maps, quotation on budge, and the construction scheme. Meanwhile, the Group takes an active part in developing various interactive products and services with 3D virtual reality technology.

6. Special Technology for the Building of Hospitals & Laboratories

The Group integrates high-quality resources in the society and sets up professional joint-ventured companies so as to provide “a full range of solutions to building hospitals and laboratories”. Adhering to the principles of safety, health, environmental protection, and keeping people-oriented, the Group offers clients varied services ranging from consultations and technological design of the building of hospitals and laboratories to the engineering contracting, equipment procurement, and supporting system installation.

7. Research & Development of Green Energy-saving Building Products

The Group strengthens innovation and focuses on the research & development and application of green energy-saving building products to ensure that funds can be put into the research & development process. Cooperating with Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and Institute of Building Energy and Green Building, LBY organizes in-depth development of new energy-saving building products in which focus will be given to the energy-saving & environmentally friendly curtain wall products such as photo-voltaic curtain wall, respiratory curtain wall, photo-voltaic balcony fence, and photo-voltaic day-lighting roof. The Group also works with China Academy of Building Research to research and create low-energy passive windows (i.e. tech windows and compound bridge-cutoff aluminum alloy windows) which meet the international energy-saving standards for passive windows. The newly-developed products have already been promoted and put into application in the market.


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