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In the engineering field, LBY owns the qualifications for general contractor of three constructions: house building, municipal public works and metallurgy engineering, qualifications for professional contractor of Mechanical and electrical equipment installation, curtain wall, steelwork, building intellectualization, etc., so we are equipped with rich EPC experience.

1. Building Engineering

LBY hires D.Sc. and MSc in Project Management graduated from American, British, Australian and Japanese schools as well as PMPs identified internationally to take charge of project management. Therefore, our management has always been acting on international convention. Besides, we have, after constant learning from our experience, innovations in construction technology and techniques; we have explored a construction management model which meets the need of market, thus making LBY equipped with integrated management ability for the general contracting of large-scale construction.

LBY has successively contracted over 300 engineering projects including urban   commercial complex, sports center, hospitals, schools and civil buildings in the way of BT, BOT and EPC, etc. It has participated into the construction of a large number of key engineering projects such as Birds Nest, the National Stadium, T3 Terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing South Railway Station, Tianjin TEDA Convention Center Hotel, Head Office of Bank of China, Phoenix International Media Center, Peking Union Medical College Hospital,Xuzhou Xiao Nanhu GLORIA Hotel & Resort, Xilinhot Municipal Exhibition Hall, etc.

2. Prefabricated Concrete Housing Engineering

Residential housing prefabricated construction (PC) means that a residential house can be split into standard parts and be processed and prefabricated with    high precision dies in the plant, then go through on-site assembly with large-scale hoisting machinery and casting connection to form a complete architectural structure.

In May, 2013, LBY co-funded with Shenyang Municipal Government to registered CCCC (Shenyang) Modern Construction Co., Ltd., which indicates our formal entrance into industrialized residential construction assembly business, and later organized professional PC technical team and comprehensively launched our learning and practice of technologies such as PC detailed split design, manufacturing, component hoisting and assembly, on-site construction, etc. In 2014, we successfully adopt PC technology to Shenyang Nanke Fortune Mansion and realized its integral assembly.

3. Steelwork Engineering

LBY owns special qualifications for application and construction technology of steelwork has formed core competitively in complex large-span steelwork such as gym and stadium facilities, installation technology of super-high spatial structures and slippage and integral lift technology of space steel structures.

In our many steelwork construction previously, we have been highly praised and recognized by customers such as Service Platform of Beijing Songzhuang Art District Contemporary Original Art and Cartoon Industry Cluster, Scientific Research Building for Particular Communication of Beijing Academy of Telecommunications Science & Technology, Scientific Research Building of Beijing Institute for Drug Control, Hongtian Gymnasium of University of International Business and Economics.

4. Municipal Engineering

LBY owns general contractor qualification for municipal engineering. Except for a large number of conventional municipal engineering constructions, we are at present proactively expanding our business to the investment and construction of urban underground utility tunnels.

Underground utility tunnels are also called “common tunnels”, which are the tunnel spaces constructed underground in the city. As part of municipal infrastructure, they contain the organic combination and convergence of all types of municipal pipelines for water supply, electricity supply, central heating, communication, etc. for centralized management. The object for building the underground comprehensive pipelines is to realize integrated planning; in other words, to promote integrated planning, construction and follow-up management of all types of pipelines based on the needs of different units concerned.

5. Decoration Engineering

LBY owns qualifications of Class A for professional contractor of building decoration engineering and Class A for building decoration design. It has been in the forefront of national building decoration industry for many years and has established partnership with many hotels, medical care services and real estate developers; it is honored as “Capital Civilized Unit” and “Beijing Outstanding Decoration Enterprise”.

With the help of project management experience accumulated in the past over 20 years, industrial base with complete infrastructure and coordinated resources, LBY contributed successfully to in the construction of renowned projects such as Villas of Beijing Yanqi Lake · International Convention Center, LOUIS VUITTON Flagship Stores in Asia, T3 Terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport, the National Stadium (Birds Nest), Beijing South Railway Station, Peking Union Medical College Hospital,Phoenix International Media Center, Tianjin TEDA Convention Center Hotel, Head Office of Bank of China, Phoenix International as well as decoration of internationally famous five-star hotels such as Marriott, Kempinski, Sheraton, Hyatt and Hilton, etc.. LBY has won for many times construction engineering prizes, for example, “Luban Prize”, “Wall Cup Award” and “National Quality Project Award”.

6. Curtain Wall Engineering

LBY owns qualifications of Class A for professional contractor of curtain wall engineering and special qualification for building curtain wall design and for the design and construction of its supporting electromechanical system and steelwork. We are equipped with the capacity for providing integrated solution for system   engineering including curtain wall engineering design, product research and development and precision manufacturing and installation.

It is the development direction of curtain wall industry to base itself on technology innovation and sustainable development, hence LBY keep paces with new frontiers of science and technology, cooperates closely with scientific research institutes at home and abroad to do research in photovoltaic curtain wall products and their design and construction technique; we strive to develop intelligent and energy-saving curtain wall products and promotes the CO2 emission reduction and energy saving, core idea of green construction, with technology innovations.

With the help of project management experience of years in curtain wall design and construction, LBY has the following projects under construction or constructed: Sri Lankan State Television Tower, head office building of Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group, new office building of Tangshan Planning and Architectural Design & Research Institute, curtain wall engineering of 2016 World Horticultural Exhibitions main exhibition hall, Xilinhot Municipal Hospital, Yongyi Plaza of Shehong County, Sichuan Province, Lanzhou Business Building and Xinjiang Press Plaza, etc.  

7. Mechanical and Electrical Installation Engineering

LBY owns qualifications of Class A for professional contractor of mechanical and electrical devices installation engineering. It is equipped with brilliant mechanical and electrical technologies, high degree of mechanization and advanced management, which enable us to provide specialized service. We are able not only to fully realize the functions of the engineering, but also combine it perfectly with structural   construction and decoration and fitting up, shorten the engineering period and realize its fusion with modern intelligent functions.

Our mechanical and electrical installation project team has years of professional experience (such as in heavy-current and light-current control system, water supply   and drainage, heating and ventilation, etc.). We are equipped with the capacities for handling of equipment, circuits, pipelines of industrial, public and civil construction project, the construction of power distribution stations of no more than 35kv, process cooling water and discharge system of photoelectric and electronics factories, wastewater treatment and water purification system equipment and the design, construction and installation of pipelines.

8. Intelligent Building Engineering

LBY owns qualifications of Class A for professional contractor of building intelligent engineering and Class B for intelligent building design. It is equipped with rich capacities for the management, design and construction of intelligent building. We are able to provide for consumers a highly-efficient, comfortable, safe and convenient architectural environment with the architecture as the platform, communication and automation of office equipment and system structure, services, management as well as their most optimized combination.

In this business field, LBY pays attention to the control and layout of more harmonious and unified multi-systems. We are equipped with rich experience and outstanding design and construction abilities in the following systems: fire alarm system, CCTV equipment system, parking lots management system, building   automation system, premises distribution system, broadband access and value-added services, large screen display system, property management system and cable and satellite receiving system, etc.

Our customers are of various types, including: Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Shijingshan CHINACOURT, Dongzhimen Health Service Center, Changbai Mountain International Hot Spring Resort, Jiayuguan Civil Air Defence & Emergency Command Center, Qianyuan International Business Hotel, Beijing Urban Construction Group· Taihe International Mansion, Xinda Mansion, Bayannur branch of Bank of China and Xi’an Guohua Ligong Cantonese Restaurant, etc.


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